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Do they have live music? If so, when?

Sometimes they have live music....I just dont know when...

Can you go without making reservations on a Friday? And if yes what is a typical wait time please?

I don't know what Nick is talking about. They indeed Take reservations. NO you don't need one to go. As for no reservations on a Friday. It would really depend on what time you plan on going. If it's before 7pm, then I'm sure you would be fine without a reservation. Otherwise I would highly recommend making reservations.

Do you take reservations?

Yes, I recommend you make reservations. Especially Friday and Saturday evenings.

Do they have beef Wellington?

Only for the Wine Tasting Events

Are you guys open on December 24?

Not sure myself, but I bet if you took a couple minutes to call them you could find out much more quickly 👍🏾

Can reservations be made

Yes.. especially for parties over of 6 or more

What time does happy hour begin?

It's always happy hour

Is this place expensive?

The restaurant is on the pricey side but we'll worth every penny. Most meals come with unlimited cheese bread and salad with your choice of homemade dressing (sour cream, bleu cheese and French). The baked potato is enormous and it comes with butter plus you can add sour cream, onions and cheese sauce! This is by far, one of the best restaurants I have ever been to!

Are they strict about the lunch menu ending after a certain time?

It seems like it. I was there shortly after 1:00 and was given a dinner menu.

What time is the lunch menu over?

At 3pm

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